🍺 Preach, Elsie! Beers!

Unity tap room? Hoozin?


I’ll be down around 12:30 hopefully.
Unity is good.

Trying to get out of mushrooming (£8 a kilowe now get for them & can get 8-10kg a trip)
Need to find a new pub, only had 1 win in the English Football Club so time for action.

After a morning of pressing F5 & swearing of course

Was going to say we should probably check opening times as it’s normally 2pm on Sundays… But I just did and it’s midday today. I’ll aim for then!


Weather has gone full “you dont want to be out in that” on me.
So opening a jar of Gargantuan Pickles & some Hazelnut Vodka on the sofa instead.
Probably for the best

Eurgh. Just torn the house apart looking for my season ticket. Charli comes ‘to help’ and finds it in about 2 seconds flat.

En route, at last…


Hmmm. Obviously it was hidden from you. A tiny victory was achieved in the household. Probably best to let it go

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