Pre season friendlies

I’ve only just got home and seen the results. Did we really win 10-0 or have I imagined it?! How did we look?

Yes. Full match here.

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Disgraceful…10 - 0 turned over by Dutch amateurs…Koeman out!!

…Ahhh just getting in some practice for the new season…I’m not quite up to speed yet but I’m hoping to make the top 10 papsweb moaners. How am I doing? :smile:

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Not bad but you need to mis-spell a few players’ names: Stephen Davies, Juamni, Pele etc.

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We’re gonna win the league!

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Training game…similar to playing Dorchester or Tiverton.

Clasie,Cedric, Jaunmi, Stekelenburg and return of Jayrod…looking very good…(yet to see more of Martina)

Together with our regulars…Fonte, Dadio Mane, Bertrand ,Yosh, Dusan,Victor,Longy…even Gazza is improving :astonished:

Of the youngsters…

I rate Stephens as one to join the squad with Reed JWP and Targett.

McQueen and Turnbull…could be.

I know Stek did not play this game… :wink:

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Next friendly: vs Feyenoord on Thursday!

As you said on Newcastle game…will RK select Jayrod???

He has to look at his form…match fitness…but after long lay off… will pace him over these friendlies…

at same time…game time required…

Feyenoord , Vitesse and Espanyol…continue using squad to suit each game…as he has done.

See how he goes…Juanmi and Long to push…Jayrod , Mane and Pelle.

Looking more like we have a squad… that is needed for all the competitions this season.

COYS :laughing: