🎵 Pre-game Music/Entertainment

One of our problems at the moment with playing at home is a lack of any sort of identity or inspiration for the fans - our fans have been poor for quite a while (not surprising consiering the quality of the football) and it seems we really need to get them going before the game.

Now I’m not suggesting this be exactly what we do, but something along these lines before a game would be great…step up Virginia Tech.

Those fireworks were embarrassing the other night, modern football, St Marys and our fans are shite, I’d take 13,000, the Dell and the old atmosphere all day long, they’d make more noise for sure.

That’s that solved, then.

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Get rid of the rugby fans,
Get safe standing,
Kids go for £5 every League game,
Try and shoehorn in some local lads,
Redevelop the stadium ie steeper banks lower roof,
Ice Rink
Good place for large indoor gigs.

That’s the thing, fireworks is fine within the correct display. You see Wales coming out for a rugby match, and it looks amazing and intimidating. It just doesn’t look that way for us.

Where’s it say I’m afraid?? I’m also not English!