🍻 Pre game drinks Fulham v Saints

Anyone else up for a few before the game?
Any suggestions for boozers? Can’t remember the name of the last pub we used for Fulham.

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The Coat & Badge was the pub last time. Towards the bottom of Putney High St. If you want any chance of sitting down you probably need to book. Gutted to not be there!




Scrabble Saint better get well pissed cos that’s what I planned to do.



Bricklayers. Waterman Street. Off Lower Richmond Rd.

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How far is that from the ground?

Richmond Rd is the road before you cross over Putney Bridge. Waterman Street is 2nd left before you get to The Star and Garter on the river.

So still putney bridge tube and cross over the river for bricklayers then?

Yes but we go from Clapham Junction to Putney Station and its a 10 minute walk. No need to go to Waterloo.

Bricklayers is not the place it used to be. Was shut the last Saturday (daytime) I went past it a few weeks back. Many people say it closes randomly, and that it has gone strangely downhill with few beers on offer etc.

But open on matchdays? Where else would you recommend?

And the Coat & Badge is closer than the tube - that right @Bucks?

But I’m not going. Sorry. :lou_facepalm_2:

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The Coat + Badge was excellent last year and is reliably good whenever I have been there since.


I’ll be shopping in Oxford Street :lou_facepalm_2:

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Busy but a good pub.

Is that still a thing? Surely you have Black Friday in these modern times??


25+ years ago Brothers’ company did a coach to London for Xmas shopping. Salisbury Saints teamed up with them to get a cheap trip to Wimbledon away at Plough Lane.
We had time to do Oxford St before the game (& pubs opened). We bought nothing so went to Pub.
Leaving Pub we found a predecessor of “Ann Summers” (you can see where this is going)
We bought “Xmas Presents”
Arriving at Plough Lane there was a queue to get in. The bags were being searched by a WPC.
I was the first of our group. She asked to check the bag. I suggested she ask a colleague to do it. She got all Feminist and slightly aggressive, I was smiling and turned to her (male) colleague and repeated the suggestion. He gave me a snarl that Coppers always reserve for Football Fans.
I said “Loudly” I did try and warn you."
She puts hand into bag, removes the contents and waves them in front of her.
Goes purple. Entire queue collapse into giggles and offer her their shopping bags to check, along with suggestions that she may need to test some of the purchases to check their safety.
When he stopped laughing, her colleague checked the bags while she went off on “a break”
Absolute never to be forgotten moment, helped by the fact that she was stunningly attractive.

So enjoy your shopping trip Goatie

I will be sure to point my 14 yr old daughter in the right direction Phil.

Good point, well made.

The Coat & Badge is good, I often drink at The Crabtree in Hammersmith too (about a 10-15 minute walk north along the river) which is good


Coat and badge good for me. I’ll be the one with a 14 yr old blonde in tow.
That’s me yew treed then.