Pre-Foxes glass 'ere - mint!


Rockstone for a swift one or two? Hopefully I’ll get down from Farnborough in time…


I’ve gone from a position from being 50/50 on whether I am going to probably going and having a spare ticket.


@areloa-grandee is going to be in tears over this thread title, it is awful


If he is, they will be tears of joy as he gazes, awestruck, upon this beautifully-crafted bon mot.


''Tis indeed a thing of comic beauty. BTLips take note! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It combines all the subtlety of a rigorous customs and excise office giving doing a rectal search with the intellectual weight of a Trump cabinet - top stuff Fowlly


What time do you hope to be there Fowllyd / Pap (and GB I guess)?


Well, if I can get out of here on the dot of 5pm, or even just before, I’d hope to be there between 6:30-7pm, depending on traffic. Thinking of it, I also had it mentioned to me that Let’s Be Drinking and his Krew will be in the Bookshop, so that could be an alternative venue. Bit further to walkto the ground though, which could be an issue if time is tight.

SO5 is also down to be in attendance, so I assume he’ll be travelling down from that London.


Normally 90 minutes before the game, init. Might be there for six. Wasn’t well this morning. Still a bit touch and go, but still a probably.


I might make it there for 6.45pm for a swift one, or 6.30pm at a push.


I am. I will be

I better meet up at some point - seeing as you’ve got my ticket. Will try to make the Rockstone

Awful thread title - well done!


I did offer Beltch a ticket with us, but he has a bondage fitting, or something.


I am here, on my own, after recovering from illness. Billy no mates. You bastards.

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running late. no pub for me :lou_angry:

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