Pre Everton mince to the pub?

Anyone up for a quick drink before the game?

I’ll be in The Cricketers spreading bonhomie and match tickets.

I could be, depending on choice / location of beer dispensary. Travel plans being finalised tomorrow.


Good shout. Will know tomoorrow AM if I can make it down in good time, but Bookshop works for me if so.

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Bookshop sounds good to me. Midday or thereabouts?


Nope soz.

just got in - youngest has mates around - left loads of beer

leaving them to it

I will be there 12.30 - 12.45 so time for a swift one and chance to slate events in Brisbane.

Not making this one, beers or game.

Sorry all, I’ve not forgotten you all. I have been, to use the Bear term, very business .

A reminder today that a) The Bookshop is a very decent place to enjoy a beer; and b) the last time I was there pre-match, we won.

Clearly it needs to be the default venue :lou_lol: