Pre Baggies Beer?

Pre Baggies Beer?


My short legged pal and I are fully ticketed up for the trip to The Hawthorns next Saturday. Despite my retiscence to engage in any forms of etiquette on here I must admit to the away day in Fulham pushing all the right buttons. Only difference this time is that I’m driving from Carrotland but it would be good to meet up with anyone who is also going. Anyone ?


Hope you and little tyke enjoy @saint-cd

Deffo aim to catch up for a London-area game.


is this League orFA cup?


Bump … come on you twonks, someone must be going or is it just me and Tyke leading the charge ?



Haven’t heard that word in ages.

Sadly under used


Sadly, yes, as it is such a universal word.


But every time I read it I do it in a Brummie accent. Always have done.

No idea why - probably some childhood trauma caused by Jasper Carrot?