Pound the Arse and swallow a stiff one?

Pound the Arse and swallow a stiff one?


Early K.O. so anyone up for a couple afterwards?


Nope, not funny thread title at all…

@areloa-grandee will not be amused

BTW I won’t be there so no I won’t be, if I was I would be but I’m not…


Good stuff Goaty, much better than BT (the Micheal Mcantyre of thread title comedy)


That was low @areloa-grandee , very low!


Could well be. May depend on the result though!


Yes. Will be around for a couple post match.

Am hopefully also meeting a mate who has a hospitality invite to the game (he is a Utd fan)


Venue needed for this major post match turnout (hmmm). Rockstone?


Works for me.


Nearly there with Fowllyd


Lovely jubbly. Unity on the 23rd!


Was a pleasure to dissect the game with you, Fowllyd and his holy Papness :cool: