:efl: :pfc: Pompey v Saints :saints: (EFL Cup - Round 3)

The Skates have plenty of notice now to get their hair and single tooth brushed ready for the snarling frothing at the gills 0n Live TV look, as we score our 4th goal!!


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Good man that JW-P

Police request law change.
No Away Pubs.
Locked in after game.
Proper football

If PFC cannot control their fans then they shouldn’t be allowed to host the match … cunts.

Maybe the police should have said that any aggressive behaviour towards players will result in arrest … pretty much like anybody seen blowing kisses or acting camp towards Brighton players and fans do :roll_eyes:

What is you naturally act camp e.g. flowery shirt? Asking for a dad.


I would add a poll to the OP but the only option that I can consider putting down is “Saints to win” so, for this one, I think we won’t bother.

You could also put Pompey to lose, Saints score more goals, Pompey cannot find the net etc


Can they afford nets?


I see “Fatbergs” are back in the news today: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-devon-49771859/sidmouth-fatberg-gives-up-hidden-secrets
Can’t be as big as the Nottarf Fatberg…surely.

Please don’t fuck this up
Please play everyone in their correct positions
Please shoot anyone who doesn’t put a full shift in

This isn’t about getting through to the round, this is bragging rights for the next 20 years and we have been on the arse end of it for a decade or more.


See the thing is, for them, we’re in a lose-lose situation.

If we don’t beat them comfortably, and I mean by 7 or 8 goals at least, then they will take the high ground saying they’re a 3rd division club and we should have won easily,
God forbid that we actually lose or only beat them on penalties because we will NEVER live that down


Hey Boss. No night time airport transfers for me tomorrow please.
Okay, so you can do 5:40 am one tomorrow.

We have a Havant office. I have mocked them with football superiority for a year, even getting one to believe that Pompey are like New Rangers Football Club, and only have the paint pot as a trophy.

I will be getting many calls from the Havant office if we fuck this up, so please, as @CB-Saint implores, don’t fuck this up.


Not a popular decision, but I would start Ings tonight & bring Che off the bench.
We will be short of pace with no Redz or Moussa but think experience counts tonight and game time for Ings will be important in the coming games

To make matters worse I have just got a 50 rm bet with a Newcastle supporter on the outcome of this.

Yes he wanted Pompey.

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I reckon this will be called off. It’s been fucking hammering down for hours.

Having been out a couple of times this morning, I was thinking exactly the same. Not sure what the drainage is like at Fratton, but not good enough to cope with today’s rain seems like a good shout. Postponement looks very likely to me.