Just seen this on the BBC What a load of shite reporting that is.

Yes the very large liners could plug into the mains system as smaller vessels do when they are in the port. if the docks had a robust enough electrical distribution system to basically support a small city.

It Doesn’t.

If they did have a system to plug into the electricity still has to be generated somewhere so basically the same amount of pollution would be created somewhere else.

You do not get pollution free electricity because you plug into the national grid an added addition would be increased cost for the tour passengers as they would now be having to pay for the electricity consumed from the national grid. Which is more expensive than generating it onboard the vessel.

You also have to keep back up generators running on the vessel in case of a blackout from shoreside so you would still be running either boilers or MGO generators for this contingency.

No they should plug in to the Grid. After all Brits are Nuclear not Fossil Fuelled. Also the large percentage that is created by Wind Power means the ship helps take energy out of wind so the storms at sea won’t be so bad for the passengers.

And it cannot be past the brains of someone to get a 3 pin plug from B&Q and an extension lead.


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I think that you will find they are powered by the French which will really upset them :lou_lol:

The Armageddon Opinion…

Where Armageddon (Bruce Willis) was THE single greatest movie EVER made.

Because Paris gets wiped out

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Charles de Gaulle airport the worst in the world

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