Please Please Please

who is going to start the Swansea thread

I could but we would lose

@cobham-saint could but he started the last winning thread

What are the rules for this season could the soviet make a decision

it is killing us.

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If you start a thread to a winning game you continue until Forster has a mare.

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And it won’t be me. I have a 200% lose ration on starting threads, wearing shirts to games, wearing shirts to the Pub, taking Mrs D_P to the game, hell even mentioning it on our FB page gets us a defeat.

I think it should be our latest ITK guru, The Bear




Just when I was on a winning streak there @pap !!

Prepare for the wrath of the forum to be unleashed if Saints lose.

Be advised…

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So true cobs…one in a row is an impressive record for a Sotonian. :lou_wink_2:



When you’re hot, you’re hot and I was on fire!!

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Probably best pap took over then.

Hope you’re burning up come 3pm Saturday @pap

Thinking about Saturday, what drinking establishment will people be visiting. Taking the daughter for lunch at 1pm and if i force feed her, might fit a pint in as well.

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