Playoff Final

Local pubs to me filling up with Fulham fans ahead of the £150m game. Brentford being just 4 miles away means a small number of them appearing too.

No doubt some Fulham fans will be rushing to Craven Cottage if they win.

Me, I am settling into my local pub to enjoy the last domestic game of this season.


Nice feature on Harry Reed in the build up…

50 ringit riding on you,


Not started well. Fulham squeezing & pressing them to death & have had 2 good chances good saves by Raya

Weather the storm and hit them on the break not a problem. :slight_smile:

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Fulham having plenty of possession, but their best chance seemed to come from a poor back pass to Reya. Mind you, I missed the first 10 minutes :smile::smile:

Reed just been booked

Could have been worse, too.

Anthony Taylor would have Red carded that, banned him for life & shot him.
Hes a lucky boy to still be on the pitch

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Fulham on top but nothing to show for it

This has been shit

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Kebano close from a free kick.

Think the second half is going to open up a bit more…it has to.


Not improving much, is it.

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whichever team goes up is going to go straight back down again.

Brentford have a shot on target.

There’s a goal on the way…not sure who’s going to get it.

The League top scorer is about to come on

Oh deary me…this is awful.

Oh deary me…this is still awful.