Player Photo Quiz (courtesy of the OS)

Guess 25 pictures I got 25 out of 25*

If you visit the OS you will find the proper quiz where you can record your responses. You get 7 minutes to guess all 25 correct and if you fail, they will give you the answers at the end.

Although, I’m pretty sure the order they give you the answers in is wrong.

*Please don’t ask me for any tips or clues as I believe in fair play.

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Think Le Tiss has just realised that by some fucking hideous turn of events Denis Wise did actually wear a Saints shirt

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Rosler looks about 45 in that pick… which he probably waswhen he played for us…



Fookin love sporcle, hours to be wasted on there :lou_smiley:


Hindered by a fair-sized blackspot of the early ‘Flybe’-sponsored years (coinciding with my alcohol-fuelled uni days - funny that).

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Neal Trotmam?

Clearly left an indelible blank on my memory.


here’s another :lou_smiley:

Top scorers, prem only :slight_smile:

If you’re feeling particularly masochistic…

Name every SFC premier league player…

At my age, I struggle to remember what I was jus…