Player Contract Stock Exchange

Haven’t really thought this through, but I’ll give it a go.

It seems that every time interest is shown in a player, he gets a new ‘contract’, which really means that the amount a club pays him (or her) over the stipulated period over time, increases. Alternatively the player, or stock, is sold.

I see this as similar to futures markets / hedging or whatever, in as much as the participants are engaging in predicting the future and putting prices on it, but money is exchanged in the present.

To me it seems the notion of a contract which indicates the length of time a player is expected to say is no more meaningful than a contract arranged to pay a price for a player at a given point in the future.

In a FIFA/OPTA world, perhaps every player should be valued and traded on a game by game basis. He (or she) could end up playing one half for each side, possibly popping down to Pompey for a midweek game.

Gamblers and share dealers, if there is any difference, could possibly flesh this out and create a new Bosman era.


Can you pass me a pint of what you are having please?

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Nice idea, anal1.There’s

There’s just one thing I don’t understand - all of the words!.

Can you have another go at explaining it. I sort of think I know what you’re getting at.

BTW if you do pass Bucks a pint of what you are having, make sure it’s a cider nobody has ever heard of with twigs in it - he’s a bit of a snob like that.

I dunno if it’ll go down exactly like that, but it’s only a matter of time before a player goes public and lists himself on the stock exchange srs. I would prob have bought some David Beckham shares in 98 when his stock was low and then sold them prob when he was at Real Madrid and made killing srs. I bit regret all them Osvaldo shares i got tho ffs. Got proper rinsed on that deal rip

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So often, the visionary is derided. But consider the continuum - already we have multiple stake holders in the ‘ownership’ of a player. Monetisation of image. Billions of dollars changing hands. Now compare that to 20 years ago or whenever Bosman happened and see how things have changed.

As for the duplicate threads - it is entirely at the hands of the crappy database / server and or software and not me! (I will detail the lengths I went to if you’re bored enough)

I was hoping someone with more insight than me would do that. Saints are putting players on new ‘contracts’ either as a response to interest from other clubs or as a defence against low offers from other clubs. The length of contract, notional ‘weekly’ wage which amounts to the total contract value, the age of the player, the performance of the player - these are all variables which strike me as similar to those taken into account when trading stocks/shares/options futures etc.

Already Fonte may sign a new ‘contract’ after recently signing one. Bertrand and VVD have, all well within the timeframe of the original contract. As with all modern life, it seems the pace of this renegotiation is increasing and the logical outcome is ‘real time’ contract negotiation as per the stock exchange or Ebay or any other reasonably open market.

I think I’m saying things are moving quicker and they aren’t what they used to be.


Paragraphs 1,2 and 3(particularly 1) it’s yes all the way from me.

Paragraph 4, yes, i’m still with you.

Paragraph 5, all i see is carnage.

Paragraph 6, money, shit loads of money. Lawsuits, lots of them.

You may of just destroyed football.

Thankfully a player can only move twice a year(back to paragraph 1). I do like your thinking though, especially the midweek at Portsmouth.

When I watched a Saints press video earlier in the summer, Adam Leitch essentially said “I don’t understand why fans celebrate a contract renewal” because basically all it means is a pay rise for the duration of an existing stay at the club. In terms of the length of time they are realistically expected to stay there’s.

However, he did acknowledge that from a business sense it means that the fee required to nab a player from saints is significantly more expensive. Which as we know (apparently) = more revenue for new recruits

This may well be the model and the ‘plan’ but from my perspective as an emotionally engaged fan it would be great to tell Levy and whoever that shite negotiator is at Liverpool to “Go Fuck Yourself” ever now and again. If for nothing other than japes :sunglasses:

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Well Leitch seems to be saying what I am trying to say. But it doesn’t just apply to simple old Saints, it’s the whole football market.