Plastc (Not fans)

Plastc (Not fans)


Seems plastic is everywhere - and now it seems in all of us -if we drink bottled water that is.

Plastic pollution is man made, we all use plastic so what do we do?

  • Bcome an ecowarrior
  • Dunno, what’s the advice fom the Govt?
  • Meh

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Microplastics are in everything, from the deepest living creatures in the Mariana trench right up to the rich fuckers in their skyscrapers. A scientist tested her breakfast eggs and found Microplastics. There is nowhere on this planet you can escape them and they hold the potential to be devastating for all forms of life.

How often do you hear about the connection between phthalates and rising infertility?

Almost forgot cancer. How could i forgot cancer. Phthalates are also “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen”.


“How often do you hear about the connection between phthalates and rising infertility?..”

Quite a lot tbf

There also a lot of evidence about oestrogen from women on the pill getting into rivers adding to the issue.

Anyway, whichever way you look at it the problem is man made and no fucker will take responsibility for it, unless, I guess, there is lots of money it it for them …


How about stopping the use of plastics for food and drink containers. Single use plastic is a joke.


I think it should be used in advertising breakfast cereals…mine is low in salt, high in fibre…perhaps low in micro-plastics could be a useful selling point.


Interesting story.

And explains why I feel like I’m melting when it hits 50C here in the summers.


Perhaps Terminator is wrong and the future is not part human machines but part plastic humans? We could all end up looking like Barbie and Ken!