Pistorius Guilty!

Woohoo! Finally the right decision! I dont know what the judge was thinking of first time round but at least now maybe the family will get some kind of closure.


Perhaps there could be a new vote for the bombings of Syria!!!

Is it true that it goes back to the original judge for sentencing? That silly old bint will probably give him a suspended sentence.

She should give him a suspended sentence.

From the neck by a rope.

Hopefully she wont cock it up again. There must be a minimum sentence that she cant go below.

WTF? 6 years! Could be out in 3. Another disgraceful decision in this case. Hopefully the prosecution will appeal again. Just one more year than he was given for manslaughter.

what the fuck!

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Is that on top of what he’s already served or does it take that into account?

Or another EU referendum…? :wink:

Despite the rights or wrongs of the Pistorias case & I’m personally not interested if the little scrote gets banged up for 6 years or 60, I am very uncomfortable around how it had played out in the media. It just seems that the media circus has had a negative effect on due legal process. The whole case could have been wrapped up ages ago & he could already have been bending down to pick up the soap in the prison shower.

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He dodged the MINIMUM sentence of 15 years because the judge though he was a bit sorry.

Which seems fair.

He just needed to cry and say sorry a little bit more, like he meant it and he would have been out within the year… silly man!

So using that precedent, Tony Blair has NOT said he is sorry…

I’ll keep that one in mind if I ever get knicked. Perhaps people who cause Death while driving under the influence of Alcohol can say sorry. Or some poor sod’s family who gets shot in a Carjacking incident will let them off because they were sorry.

Do think SA Law has managed to look an ass here and like the way you put that RB :wink:

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I think this is on top of what he has served already (some of which was house arrest) but he could be out in three years!!!

So his sentence has finally been extended. He should get life but at least he has finally been the minimum sentence, so that is progress. His defence was one of the flimsiest going and it has taken years for him finally to get his just deserts. If he had been black they would have thrown the key away long ago.

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He didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Boom boom!

Bet he’s hopping mad though.

<pedant>Need at least 1 leg to be able to hop</pedant>


Wow! Never heard that one before.