Pisa...off season

Going in a few weeks…stop off on a Med cruise.
Port is Livorno so it’s a short hop to Pisa…about 10 miles. Florence is the main draw for this stop but we’ve done Florence before but not Pisa.

Go to Pisa
Do stupid hold up photo
Wish you had gone to Florence a second time

This is how your trip is going to pan out - trust me


I assure you no “hold-up” pictures will be taken.

I did get the impression there wasn’t that much in Pisa.

there isnt.

No. You MUST do the picture ffs
Otherwise you will do the Pizza in Pisa Post

Pizza and piss up in Pisa post sounds better.

Nope there is an old B&W picture of the tower I’d like to recreate. Can’t remember the photographer or find it online but it’s stuck in my mind for over 40 years.
The fact that there isn’t much in Pisa might be a help for my wife…saving her energy for Rome. :lou_lol:

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Now Rome I love. I just walk around the city from site to site and they’re not too far apart. But if you want to go into any of the big sites (sistine chapel/vatican) you have to book way ahead. Queues were ridiculous.

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If you’re going to Rome, go to the Pantheon before you do anything else, then go there again if you can. For all the huge-scale ancient monuments, this smaller one is just astonishing - a single-piece dome built 2,000 years ago and still there, intact. Go there in the daytime and view the blue Roman sky through the hole in the top of the dome, at night you’ll see the stars.

OK, it’s not the only thing in Rome worth seeing. :lou_sunglasses: