Pink balls

Should grown men be playing with pink balls? What is the world coming to? This is what will be kicked around in the Premiership this season.

Are you drunk, sadoldgit?

I think you’ve missed the subtleness of SOG’s post, Lou. The ‘pink balls’ are actually footballs. Google ‘football’ for more details.

As it appears that I’m the resident hipster (for dressing like someone from the 1940s one day, and like Stevie Wonder would dress then next) I decree pink balls OK.


Nice gradient.

Yeah, integrate that!

My Researches tell me that this is lies + we get a Red ball + the Pink ball is actually for Italy.

Balls to sog

I think we should have the below system in football.

10 minutes for each of the below 8 balls.

Red worth 1 goal if you score in the time the ball is on the pitch and then…

Yellow worth 2 goals if you score in the time the ball is on the pitch and then…

green 3 goals

brown 4 goals

blue 5 goals

pink 6 goals

black 7 goals

there will be a short amount of time for the white ball between each colour ball. If you score with this then the oppo lose 4 points!

This will change the face of football forever… Or maybe I have been up far to long in the sun, with very little water!


That sounds fucking brilliant to me Sim! The only thing I’ve heard of similar is in the first World Cup; when it got to extra time they used to add a second ball, and then a third, to try & engender a result. Dunno why they stopped doing that really, I bet it was Fascinating to watch!

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Saints’ new away kit:


The photo in the OP reminds me of a visit I made as I young fella to my local GP.

He said it was perfectly normal to have one ball bigger than the other

… but he was a little concerned about who’d given me the big yellow ticks :slight_frown:


My teacher used to give me ticks.

He’s helping the police with their enquiries at the moment.

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I’m not surprised the police are questioning him, Bletch!

I would have thought it highly irregular for teachers in Gosport to be handing out anything other than crosses.


Bearsy is right, the other two will be used by Serie A and La Liga. We get the angry boil with the pus leaking out.

Unhygenic fella, was he?

Well he always made me wash my hands.