Looking at Holidays for next year Sep / Oct. The Philippines have been thrown up as a idea. I know that one or two of you know a bit about the place (Philippine Saint) !!!

It looks like the wet season at that time. Are we talking a torrential downpour followed by blue skies or is this continued pissing down. If it is worth going at this time of year, where would be recommended? Ideally we are looking for villas that are child friendly on the beach.

Failing that, any other suggestions for Asia?


Well lets start with the weather.

Large down pours with blue skies after is the norm. And as the rain is warm the kids like playing in it.

Child friendly Villa’s. ?

Children are welcomed everywhere in the Philippines.

How old is the sprogg?

if Child friendly villas means lockable cupboards, stair gates and blank plugs in the sockets then that is not going to happen. we dont even have earths on the plugs unless you put it in your self.

Most area’s holiday places have villa’s that are directly on the beach or on the complex’s pools.

There are thousands of places to choose from most with white golden sand beaches and a few with Volcanic ash beaches like Tenerife.

Most will offer Snorkling / Scuba diving as well as boat trips to secluded beaches where BBQ’s are done on the beach.

If you want a night life any of the normal tourist haunts will have it in hoards if you want a quiet life one of the smaller islands will suit you.

Can guarantee whichever option you go for you will enjoy it as everybody here is friendly and will try to make sure you enjoy whetever it is you are doing.

A massage on the beach after a days snorkling is wonderful way to relax before going for a fresh caught fish dinner and beers.

And before bear jumps in they don’t come with happy endings.


Cheers, I say child friendly, the kids are 7 and 10


What about bandits, Philippine? Tell us about the bandits.


I shop there for shoes, the Filipino wifes know about their shoes…


Well they voted in a new President who appears to be going for the drug types. Not a problem with that although the more sensitive PC types might not like his “we come in peace Shoot to kill stance”

Where I am in Batangas I have never seen any trouble the odd burglary locally but you get that in Blackfield. and as my wifes ex-School mate is Chief of Detectives a high police prescence in the area helps.


Your wife is in school as is the Chief of Police? Strange place.


Tell me about the shoes I have 1 pair for travelling and a pair of flip flops + a pair of sandles whilst the Filipina (If your wife is a Filipino you have got a cut and chop job) wife has a cupboard full of shoes she has never even worn


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I edited the post for you Barry so it makes more sense


You really didn’t need to I was being my usual belligerent arsehole self.


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