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As suggested elsewhere, here is the place to deposit suggestions for family friendly films and tv.

I’ll start us off with Hachi A Dog’s Tale starring Richard Gere. Took kid goat to see this at the cinema some time ago. Best bit is when the fucking dog dies and every child in the cinema started blubbing. I didn’t stop :lou_lol:ing for hours.


Excellent thread title!


I’ve not got a specific “do” recommendation, but I can definitely tell you that it’s not a good idea to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator with a seven year old. They really don’t like the skinned humans, and still visibly shiver when they’re in their 20s when you mention the film, even though they’ve seen stuff like SAW in between.

Watership Down is meant to be a children’s film but it still, to this day, scares the living shit out of me. It’s a great film though.


Miyazaki films - not watched any until I saw them with offspring - bloody great films and a breath of fresh air from the tat that Hollywood churns out

The Great Race with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon - Classic stuff

Fantastic Mr Fox was on over Christmas and was really good. They spoke like adults but just said cuss instead of the swear word. They had someone playing some east end ganster type and he just said cuss every few seconds. Was pretty funny, “if we don’t get the cuss out of here we are cussed”


Field of Dreams. Kev Costner of course, a young Ray Liotta, Burt Lancaster and James Earl Jones is always worth watching.

I done babysitting on my nephew the other day, he is like 2, or 3. I put on some of the classic Quimby era Tom & Jerry’s, and he was fkin Loving It.


They made it all American for Mr Fox though. How they ever went for George Clooney when Danny Dyer was (presumably) available is beyond me.


Having a young kid there is loads of kids TV on in my house in the mornings. Ben and Holly is actually alright with a few hidden jokes for adults. Doc Brown (rapper comedian guy) has also made a kids program about a Bear, called bear or something like that. I haven’t seen it but might be ok. He was interviewed and said he was sick of all the Kids TV programs having hidden morals and being all goody two shoes “and the hero learnt never to be selfish again” so he made something were the main character was bad.

Shame about the name and bear’s being shit and that.

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Watched Castaway (Tom Hanks) with kid goat last night.

As the film was ending, with Hanks stood in the middle of the road at a deserted junction, kid goat shouted ‘Splat! He gets hit by a bus!’

I fear she has inherited something nasty.

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Was going to mention it myself. It’s a U. A fucking U. Fields of blood, rabbits being buried alive, poisoning, a swearing seagull, death, pestilence and a fight to the death between a dog and horse sized rabbit.

And everyone pretty much dies at the end.

A fucking U. Madness.

Laputa - Castle in the Sky is great.

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Watched The Martian with kid Goat.

Highly recommend. Funny in places, a little scary but a good yarn.

Having watched Castaway a few weeks ago kid Goat pointed out the comparison by saying: “I suppose he’s going to grow a big beard now”, which he did.

A bit of effing and jeffing but pretty good family film and as kg is now brave enough to watch Insidious, I thought she’d be able to cope with a few f’s.

Just been to see ‘Zootropolis’ with mini Abandon - aged 11. She loved it, I thought is was actually great and a bit fuck you to Trump and his ilk… How so? Well great message in there about equality, tolerance and all that is wrong with mistrust and ignorance. Good fun yarn as well.

Watership Down was, I believe, on TV on Easter Sunday and the mumsnet types are up in arms that their poor little Penelope’s and Toby’s have been “damaged” by the violence and trauma shown.

Didn’t the dumb cunts know? Everyone knows it’s basically the darkest of dark horror movies FFS.


Kung Fu Panda 3. Daughter 1 and 2 loved it. Plenty of laughter.

It was on today. I watched it. fkin bloodbath RIP :lou_sad:

TBH, not sure what part of ‘allegory’ those mumsnet types complaining do not understand… Adams’ book was never meant as a fluffy bunny tale for the kids… :lou_facepalm_2: