People Who Are Too Cool For School

No.1 - Robert Elms

For many years now he has made a living by slagging off The Beatles. In fact at one point he announced that Imagine was the “worst song ever written.” Now I am sure that many people would agree that it isnt the greatest somg ever (and Lennon has certainly written better) but the worst? Seriously? He has crawled out of the woodwork recently because of the release of Ron Howard’s film Eight Days A Week and once again is telling us why The beatles were/are overrated. I am a big Beatles fan but accept that not everyone feels the same way about them. But one thing you cannot deny is that, for a time, they were the biggest thing on the planet and were certainly more than just a band. For me Elms uses his dislike of The Beatles to elevate himself as a super cool dude who knows better than the millions of people who love their music. The Beatles legacy will live on forever and long after Robert Elms is dead and gone, but that doesnt stop him making a name as the one person who can see that the Emperor isnt wearing any clothes. Well Robert, not only is the Emperor wearing clothes, but he is also wearing Chelsea boots and all of the other paraphernalia that people copied in the 60s because they followed what The Beatles wore. You are not too cool for school Robert. You are a twat who has completely missed the point.


The fact that I have never heard of him shows how much his opinion counts in this household, not that I paticulalrly like the Beatles myself, different generation and all.

Who indeed. He used to squire Sade and is a “writer and broadcaster” who used to write for the NME and The Face. He used to support Spandau Ballet apparently. I found this on Wikipedia - "Elms is a critic of The Beatles and refuses to play the band on his BBC London daily radio show saying “I just think they are either childlike and simple or rather leaden and pompous - one or the other all of the time.” Not like Spandau Ballet then eh Robert?

You must track down his Spandau intro - it’s the most hilariously pompous and prententious thing

“From half-spoken shadows emerges a canvas. A kiss of light breaks to reveal a moment when all mirrors are redundant. Listen to the portrait of the dance of perfection: the Spandau Ballet”


When it comes to music, nobody’s opinion counts. What makes him so special to think his opinion counts or is worthy of repeating.

I hate critics, especially verbose trolls who comment on “The Arts”…which is of course just about everything creative.


You may recognise him if you see a pic. I can’t seem to do that from my phone.

Most critics can be summed up with -

Look at me, look at me, I’m saying something controversial for cash, it’s all about me, me, me!


You should only write about what you like…all the rest you don’t get, so what would you have to say beyond “I don’t get it”?


although - call a turd a turd. The 1975 for example.


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That’s very critical of you, RB

It fair to say that most people who wrote / write for NME are conceited knobs

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Indeed Steve - and I didn’t even write it for cash…which is probably worse.


One man’s turd is another’s fertilizer. :lou_wink:

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I agree. All views on music (arts) are subjective. I am not bothered why someone doesnt like someone/something, but I am interested in what people like about an artist and their output. I dont care much for Boy Bands but I appreciate that they are very popular and that millions of people love them. We all have our likes and dislikes and the great thing is that we have such a huge choice. As RB said, it is the all about me mentality. To refuse to play a band on the radio because you have decided that your listerners shouldnt hear them is narcissism in extreme. I know what best for you and it isnt this. Twat.

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This thread could be renamed “Sadoldgit doesn’t like Robert Elms” :laughing:

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I feel all TedMaul :lou_lol:

Wrong thread GB :cool:

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Fuck me, all we need now is a PJ Harvey/Courtney Barnett/Roger Deakins circle jerk and we’ve got the set.