People from Derby

I met some people from Derby and they told me the night life in Nottigham was better.


Are you sure? That seems highly unlikely…Derby is the centre of the universe. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Speaking as someone who has spent plenty of time in both over the past 40 years, they are absolutely correct.

Only a complete twat would say otherwise.

Maybe - Apart from anything in God’s Own County obviously.

It is in my humble, Derby is shite, simply better than Southampton.
Best nights out
There’ll be parts of London but they’re so spread apart, you can’t flit from one place to another, right old drama.

What criteria?

For what?

Best nights out.

Aren’t you a Larker in the 'Pool anyway?

Not very edgy, mate :smiley:

I hardly venture anywhere now truth be known, my haunts are my local Italian where I have a scoop as the nursery is next door for the youngest and Woolton, Allerton Road or the Lane when I get out, when I go to town its been the Baltic Triangle lately, a few people I know have concessions there, tremendous night out, Liverpool is a top top place for a night out and is probably the best ÂŁforÂŁ in the UK.

Exeter is a cracking place for a night out.

No need to flit from place to place in London - most parts have enough to keep you going all night and beyond (they don’t all shut at 1am).

Manchester does not even get on Baz’s list :rofl:

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Tsk, Barry. All those places you mentioned are either gentrified debit card magnets or were posh to start with.

It’s not very edgy, mate.

Why aren’t you in Slaters with an angry look in your eye?

Agree about Exeter - Young Adult #1 is studying / drinking / clubbing there. It even has enough stuff for us “olds” to do when the nippers are off doing something “new” that we’ve never done before…

Only odd thing is by unspoken treaty the town centre is for the students on a Friday night and the locals on a Saturday night.

Another positive is the King Billy has closed down - think a really shabby spoons and wind it down a couple more notches…

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Everything that happens in all the places you mention,double it and it’ll still be less than a single day in London. I like a few of the places you mentioned, but comparing them to London is comical.

Ha Ha used to go in there, the college of knowledge (a tad rough to say the least), across the road (Jac’s) was better far better, bar the Swan best juke box in town.

I do wish the Swan would get with the times on the jukebox, actually. Nice touchscreen with all the rock you could ever want.

Printworks is ok.

London is 80 towns tied together, if you’re in London you’re also in Wimbledon and Brent, how far are they apart in many respects? Where is the centre? The heart? Soho? Camden? City? Its good but so so spread.

Haven’t been in the Swan is ages, couple of years at least, good boozer.

Back on topic please lads. This is for extolling the wonders of Derby’s nightlife FFS. :lou_facepalm_2:


Bazza is right. Again! Liverpool pisses all over Southampton for a great night out. In every respect