Sort of deserves it’s own thread doesn’t it!

Seems there is a concerted twitter campaign to have MoPo MKII ousted, topped off by this

Now it would probably be taken seriously if the spelling and grammar were correct.


Ah good old Matt


This is nearly as funny as West Ham fans phoning 999 and Guan rustling up the bedwetters on TSW to rebel against the management. Is there anything as pathetic as football fans in meltdown?


I suppose some people see the humour in it…


I saw someone on saintsweb suggesting #SansPellegrino as the hashtag, and everyone on there just ignored it cos they’re all Dumbasses but I thought it was v.clever


Lol at that fkn letter oh dear!


I diddn’t get passed the first paramagraf…the manglin of the Ingrish Languauge wus to much for me. :lou_facepalm_2:


I think that the 6 year old who wrote this for his Dad did so just after writing his letter to Santa.


It reads like an 8 year old writing to Santa.


woah curse you sog!


I remember playing a game of pool with a bloke that was just about to move to Goa.

He’d saved up 250K, reckoned that would do him for life out there.

If he’d had the chance of living inside a Chinese businessman instead of idyllic former Portuguese colony then, I’m sure he’d have made other choices :lou_sunglasses:


What a bell end.


That letter makes me want to weep for humanity.


After reading that letter, I want Mopy to stay now just so I can watch that bellend cry, live on podcast


Oh wow that is embarrassing.

I do accept that changes need to be made but at the same time I’m pretty certain that the expression ‘never go back’ needs to be taken in to account.

Cortese? :lou_facepalm_2:

Koeman? :lou_facepalm_2: Fantasy land. The way he left leaves little if any chance he could ever return. Not with Les calling the shots. He wasn’t impressed by the club’s ‘ambitions’ so I doubt he’d return. I see him getting the Dutch job soon anyway.

What I will say is that I liked and agreed with Koeman’s in game management. I cannot say the same for Puel or Pellegrino unfortunately. By this I mean, I would be watching a game and got the feeling that the way we were playing wasn’t working or that the opposition were starting to get a foothold in the game that we were narrowly winning. At that time I’d say to myself “I’d bring Long on now to give the opposition something to think about and not let their back four press up as high and pin is in”. What I found with Koeman was that he would more often than not make the same changes as I was thinking about, within a few minutes. This doesn’t mean I was always right or that I think I am a footballing genius or something but at least I could relate to his decision making and wouldn’t blame him if it went tits up. At the moment I swear I am watching different games to MoPe. The team selections, the order in which he brings particular personnel on and off etc. For instance the untouchable Tadic and Redmond and bringing on Austin at Anfield when we were nowhere near their goal. Gabbiadini would have been a better option as he can run and is more mobile than Austin. Bring Austin on when the opposition are sitting deep and we’re having a lot of the ball. I just simply cannot understand what he is trying to accomplish or how he wants us to play.

Moving forwards, in my opinion certainly the squad needs reinvigorating. Will the manager do better with ‘his type’ of players remains to be seen. The question is whether the club will buy the right players to do this without jogging the has beens on first. It seems to fly in the face of the business approach to let players sit on the sidelines on big wages though. History shows a one in one out policy.

Sure we’ve had to do it with a few crocks (Gardos) and flops (Ramirez, Osvaldo) but putting useless tossers like Tadic and Redmond out to pasture and bringing in fresh blood… I just can’t see it happening. Equally I cannot see there being any takers for them.

I don’t want to come across as being overly dramatic but I do worry for us this season. There really are too many problems or failings throughout the side and it has gone way past the point where we can reasonably expect things to suddenly ‘click’.

Sunday is a massive game but Forster’s lack of confidence has become contagious and I honestly cannot see us getting anything from this game. Everton have been pretty shite by all accounts but I still cannot see us overcoming them. Best I can see is a 0-0 or 1-1.

We are way too easy to play against and I expect them to do exactly what everybody else does at St Mary’s and sit deep, frustrate us and nick a goal from a counter attack or set piece. Or a ropey Forster flap or slow motion dive of course.





Thank fuck they didn’t ask me!


I think Pellegrino’s thick hair and general height are v.much in his favour and on that basis I would like to give him 3-4 seasons to see if he can turn it round. I wouldn’t want to risk getting a baldy or a dwarf in. We musn’t throw the hair & height out with the bathwater! It there are any short or balds on the coaching staff, we should maybe look to replace them first. See if that helps.


I think you are spot on there my fine Ursine fellow. Too many fat chubby grizzlers playing hoof shit defensive. We need out halll slim handsome exotic manager to provide the entertaining passing. We just need it to be a little more forwards, faster and in the direction of goal