Pellegrino - The First Interview

Our new manage tackles difficult English words like, “Vocation” and “Synergy” , correctly used too. Not once did I hear word “possibilities”…good start.


It’s safe to say that he speaks English better than Claude, and better than Pochettino did when he arrived here. In fact, I’d say his English is better than Pochettino’s is now. I like the cut of his jib; he seems genuinely enthused and happy to be here and he clearly has ideas for how he wants us to play. Well dressed too - well-cut suit and Oxford shirt.


Comes across very well. He looked like a kid in the sweet shop when he was asked about the facilities.

Looking forward to seeing what he can achieve with us. The fixtures are favourable at the start of the season, which could give us a lift and some momentum right from the off. Top of the table in Sept/Oct? November is a bit of a fucker, but if we’re playing well, who knows.

I’m hugely optimistic for the season ahead :lou_lol:


Yeah - if we’re not top 4 by mid-November - God help him.


Feeling very confident :cool:

Potential league champs, FA cup and league cup :laughing:

Not so confident in Europe :astonished: except pre season friendlies. :smile:

Playing side looking good…especially the new boyz in coming :smile: :smile:

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You’re optimistic as well.

Good man :lou_lol:

He doesn’t even seem to know his best shirt/jacket combination…

Can I boo him yet?

Synergy. I’m all in at interview 1.

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Sout Ampt’n

We will need to get used to us being called this.