Pellegrino brings in coaches from Alaves

Don’t know anything about them but it must be a good thing, right?

He’s bringing in his own team, can’t be a bad thing.

Considering the rumours around the dressing room’s dislike for Black from last season it’s probably a good thing he’s moving on (if he is).

BTW @cellone where has this been posted?

Also CellOne used to sponsor a football shirt (Middlesbrough??) didn’t they, or am I mis-remembering that??

Stick around, cellone, I’m liking the football related threads!

I think both coaches are well respected, particularly Tamarit.

Hope this means buh-bye Black. I can’t see what roll he’d fulfil now so he must be on his way.


He might speak Spanish you know, failing that bog cleaner??

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Now you’ve made me all dirty Bob:

Black is making filled rolls?

If he’s running a sandwich bar at Staplewood I’m not surprised he didn’t have time to do proper coaching.

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Sorry @goatboy , put it like this you’ll have another reason to use screen wipes now…

I saw it where Goats saw it, over there. There are a few comments about it amoungst the bickering. Still haven’t sussed links, no matter what I do it tells me it can’t be supported.

Cell One is my old mic name from back in the nineties.

Thanks @goatboy it’s always good to know there’s a man who’ll put himself in places others wouldn’t for the cause.

Thanks @themightyostrich . It must give Pelli a good start having his left and right hand men. They know exactly what he wants in training and tactics so he won’t have to bring them up to speed. It’ll be intresting to see how the squad develops over the next few months.

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Or learn Spanish. the squad that is…

I’d imagine quite a few already have a good grasp of it.


Fair point well made @cellone

Assuming all of them stay that is…



Standard practice in most places and like many, was not encouraged by some of the reports on the disharmony behind the scenes. A clean sweep will be good for the players if the maxim a change is as good as a rest holds, which it usually does.

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The new coaching team will have no problems :laughing: they probably already know that they have me coaching the mighty Saints from the stands. :cool: they can bed in…whilst i let the lads know what is required :kiss:

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Are you still living under the pitch, @old-ottery , emerging as circumstances allow? :lou_wink_2:

I have been out in Argentina making sure my Pell gets here safely :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and letting him know that he has my full support :smile:

I hope you took the opportunity to mend diplomatic fences whilst there.

Driving around in a car with the words “Cock Piss Clarkson” would have done the trick.


I t is not all about him :slight_frown: it’s all about me and my mate Mauricio :laughing: