Patrick Macnee RIP

Patrick Macnee RIP


The actor who played John Steed passed away yesterday. Used to love The Avengers. Not many people can look cool in a bowler hat. RIP Steed.


I think the last time I saw him in anything was in a video called Angels & Demons revealed, a 2005 documentary about secret societies. He was narrating it.

Avengers was a little bit before my time, but I’ve fond memories of him as the clueless record exec in This Is Spinal Tap.


I heard one of his co-stars talking about him on the radio this morning. Apparently he was a keen nudist and, when the Macnees held soirees, would answer the door stark bollock naked.

I thought that was brilliant.

RIP John Steed.


At least he had somewhere to hang his bowler!


He used to have hot side kicks. In Diana Rigg’s case kicks being the keyword as she used to due martial arts in a leather jump suit. Joanna Lumley was also in it and started a rage of “Purdey” haircuts.


Sad news, loved watching him on The Avengers and New Avengers when I was growing up as a kid…but he was 93 so you can’t say he never had a good innings.


Like many of his generation, fought in the Second World War as well. He credited the experience for helping him to develop the sense of “wry detachment” he so skilfully cultivated.