Password Software

Having had my details thieved in the BA hack now getting a little concerned with online security. anyone else used password software like Last pass.

Any recommendations

Believe me, I’m the last person you want advising on anything IT related.


I’ve been using Dashlane, it’s pretty straightforward and also saves receipts from online purchases which is handy. Not had any problems so far, but also never had much trouble with hacking of my details except my yahoo account a few years ago.

I use one called SafeInCloud. It comes as a Windows program and a phone app. It has an extension for Google chrome that will recognise when a site is asking for a password and it will supply it.

That said I actually rely on Google to fill in password fields. It’s pretty secure as it uses two factor authentication to log you into a device which means you have to know your password AND have access to a code generating app on your phone. As long as you feel you can trust Google that is …

I’ve never trusted a password manager (personal preference). All my passwords are stored in Evernote as hints both for the website/company/username and password itself. Evernote is pass protected on my phone & the actual site passwords are never stored or displayed fully anywhere so hopefully I’m reasonably well covered. That said I have no more than 7 or 8 and it’s never too much of an inconvenience as I can remember most of them.

Not sure it would have helped with the BA hack which seems to have been a back doir website agent loaded via the common practice of selling ad space to 3rd parties on your page
And using cheap outsourced IT of course if Twitter rants are to be believed.
Anyone else have a bstd wife who actually DOES use wedding anniversary as their password?
Asking for a friend…

On the subject of the actual password, I use a complex 11 character string that I memorise and for each different site that I need a password for I prefix the 11 characters with an initial character or two.

For example my eBay password is something like.


Sotonians is something like


And so on. So now all I need to do is remember the complex string of characters and the prefix character. I rarely need to look up passwords or write them down now.

DO you. Lot realize I have an A4 piece of paper plasticised at work with the webpage user name and passsword for each account I have to use at work.
Everytime I log into somewhere 20 mins later due to web security I have to log in again.
It is a pain in the ass.
We are meant to have secure servers but I still have to log in if I have not pressed a key on that particular website every 20 mins.
Next time offshore I will count the amount of times I put in a logon on and password in a 12 hour shift.

That does not include the passwords for my own personnel accounts like hotmail Sotonians and the big evil facebook.even bloody excel spreadsheets have passwords to stop un authorised changing of numbers.

If I get locked out of a website it can take upto a week to get a new reset password

It is not bloody fun.

Its not as if somebody is coming 200miles offshore into the South China sea and going to steal my plasticised sheet of logins.

And if they want to look at spread sheets of fuel and water bunkers. Or how many times the power generation tripped in the last month


Let me log on once a day.