Paris Letting Cyclist jump red lights

As it says here


Basically Right on Red which is what the yanks have been doing for years and in the UK get off your bike walk it round the corner and get on it again is the same thing ( ok we have to go left on red)

Not sure if would make much difference here if they introduced it - most cyclists in town seem to hop onto the pavement when faced with a red light.

That said, a couple of week back, there was a chap on his bike stopped at the lights on my way to work. Instead of unclipping and putting his foot down, he was trying to balance by holding the brake. Everything was going swimmingly until he got distracted by something and promptly ended up in a heap in the middle of the junction. I think the phrase know your limits is appropriate here (or jump the lightS)

Right on red or straight on at a T junction, do it but do it safely. No problems there for me but what they should do is put in cycle lane so cars turning right don’t come over too far and knock a cyclist off they haven’t seen…

After the death trap that they installed at the bottom of the Itchen Bridge - I am not sure that the councils should have any say in cycle safety

Yeah, I’ve seen people do that balancing act at traffic lights, surely it must take more effort than unclipping and resting…

Here in London I think cyclists just don’t understand what Red Lights are.

I’m generally on the side of cyclists, but this really does get my back up. Including the the altercation I got into with the really dimwitted cyclist who jumped a red light, then had the audacity to have a go at me becuase he clipped my crutch (this was a couple of weeks after my knee op) and lost control. Yeah, I was probably being a bit slow, but it was a green man and I was on 2 fucking crutches. Don’t be such an asshat your entire life.

Usually will go out of my way to avoid violence, but my word I came extremely close to clunkng him over the head with my crutch when he was stood shouting at me in the middle of the road.

Sorry, I got a bit carried away.

Good. I think it makes sense, as cycling is all about momentum. Also most of the time it is safe to do so, say you are going left at the lights or straight on at a non cross roads.

It does not make sense to go through a red light at a cross roads, you are just asking for it.

What is required is the whole road system to be changed to encourage cyclists, rather than the lazy sod in their cars! A lot of people do not cycle as they do not feel safe, which running a red light will not help them :unamused:

if you are a confident cyclist like myself, you need to make your own sensible choices when cycling, to keep yourself safe.

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