Panama Offshore accounts

D Notice I think,


I thought about starting a thread about this topic but didn’t know where to start. It seems Barry had same issue? What do you mean?

Anyway a link if it helps.


Do we think anything will change?

Yes, the rich won’t use Panama or those lawyers again.


Just makes a complete mockery of ideas about austerity, doesn’t it?


Barry means that a D Notice will be issued restricting the publication of details of this story, Pap will probably be served shortly.

(D Notice is a legal power used by government primarily regarding state security but if abused it can be used by powerful people to protect themselves from facts about their business dealings emerging. A bit like anti-terror powers, meant to be about terrorism, often just used as an excuse)


It’s odd. I have to believe that there is a point at which people say that this is no longer acceptable. Capitalism has always been about exploitation, but it is honestly starting to feel like being airside at a particularly avaricious airport.

It is bad enough that almost everything you need to do in life needs cash, so to discover that those benefiting from the cash are squirreling it away outside of the economy is another blow. You’d think people would be livid, but I doubt anything serious is going to be said outside of the political activist core that seems to care about these things.


It’s not even Apathy, but a genuine erosion of any abilty to do anything about it - its become ‘accepted’ - I mean, do you think a PM would ahve survived Pig Gate in the 1960s or 70s …even 80s?

The gap between thsoe that have (usually accompanied with the power to keep it that way) and the have nots (seemingly now accepting of their status and position … aftera we voted these cunts in) has never been greater - not just in monitory terms, but in the ‘no one can touch me;’ stakes…


Indeed, the saddest bit of this is that it isn’t news.

Greedy powerful people abuse power for personal gain?

Tell me something I don’t know.


Pretty disappointed to find that no current Tory Bros are Implicated :lou_sad:. What’s all that about? I bet pap had a cartoon all drawn + ready to go, and it was VICIOUS


I feel that there is, _ slowly _, a move towards that.

Especially amongst younger folk. Look at the rise in popularity of anti-Capitalist (Sanders, Corbyn) candidates both side of the pond. Both are loud, opponents of our current economic system that barely qualifies as Capitalism. It’s more like state-sponsored socialism for the 1%. Digressions aside, young people are strongly behind these candidates, if there was an election tomorrow for just u35s Corbyn & Sanders would win by absolute landslides.

But the point of apathy can perhaps be explained. We have a governement that has spent 6 years going after the poor, and worst off in society.

The chart shows how the rich kids running the country are looking after themselves, we already know they are tearing up the NHS and selling it to their mates and are now hoping to do the same with schools (forced academisation). How do they get away with it?

We have the most right-wing press in Europe, when their is a Tory shambles, they focus on Corbyn, or what he is wearing. The most vulnerable in society are having lifelines stripped away? Look at how that guy eats a sandwich!

No actual questioning of policy just attacks based on appeareance or some other such nonsense. But of course, that is the way it goes. Repeat a lie, in simple repeatable language, put it on the front page of the sc*m, right beside a pair of boobs and people will lap it up. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the method of schooling the Tories are so keen to enforce on the country (evidence free, of course. Like all policy, ideology > evidence) rote learn ‘facts’, repeat repeat repeat, be rewarded. No questioning, problem solving or critical thinking. Just accept what you are told and repeat it, there’s a good pleb.

Oh, and of course David Cameron’s Dad was involved in the Panama Papers leak. Because, we’re all in this together, right?


I don’t think this is anything new - the rich and powerful working to increase their own fortunes and using dubious means to do so? It has been happening ever since man started to become civilised.

What is different is our ability to get hold of this information and distribute it. Can you image trying to get hold of 11 million documents before the digital age. It is a pile of paper over a kilometre high and would weigh tonnes.

Nothing significant will happen - the people caught up in this scandal will be embarassed, might pay up some taxes and might in some cases do some time. Ultimately the music will keep playing because there is too much money to save and for those who facilitate this, to make, to ever consider stopping.

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It’s not just the rich that benefit from this - I was offered an off-shore account recently to take my tax liability down. Of course, I didn’t do it.

I will be interested to see what happens here, and whether we are going to see the Inland revenue go for these people. Fingers crossed we will, and I’m sure we’ll see some ‘famous’ people get caught up in it, but not the ones behind big business.

I don’t really get it tbh. If I had e.g £294.16* in my bank account, what do I gain by putting it in Panamas?

* It might be less than that now cos I bought a Coffee from Starbucks this AM


Originally posted by @pap

It’s odd. I have to believe that there is a point at which people say that this is no longer acceptable.

You “have to believe it” Pap, because, otherwise, what is the point of it all anymore?

What happens when one comes to the daunting (yet undeniable for sane rational human beings) realisation that our world is under the powerful and sustained assault of a selfish, (heinous even) cabal of self-interest. One which has the firm control of the State-Machinery in almost all of the Nation-States on our planet?

One which encapsulates the entirety of the means that we may have had, to actually do anything about it.

A Corporatocracy which through its vaaaaaaaaast wealth and power, monopolises the key commodities, controls the means of government and production, the military-industrial-complex, the medical-pharmaceutical-racket, has ownership and virtually full domination of the means of communication and media dissemination (i.e. that which gets broadcast far and wide as “fact”) and pretty much every possible outlet that we may choose to make use of in order to “fight” against this outrageous and despicable injustice. It also dominates the system of “Education” (Indoctrination), so that it has full command of what we grow up to accept as “the way things are” (i.e ‘reality’).

This full-scale assault on humanity, leaves us with pretty much three choices:

1). Rage (against the machine) that essentially uses us as a “food source” for the maintenance of its sustenance and survival. This (whilst going against my preference for personal integrity and peaceful protest) most likely means the use of violence and overt aggression. Not for its own sake (although it cannot be denied that freshly unleashed long-pent up fury will likely be expressed by many) – but rather by way of demonstration and attracting attention to the truth and the reality of the cause being fought for. Taking the Red Pill, in other words.

2). Docile (albeit likely bitter, painful) acceptance, that it is all too far gone already. That effectively, there is nothing we can do when confronted with such powerful and institutionalised evil. Give up, keep our heads down, and hope to make the best of the situation that we can, to protect our loved ones, our families, and this precious life itself that we cherish. Take the Blue Pill, in other words.

3). Leap from a very tall building (or whatever method suits you best) – to escape from the futility and despair, that something (Life itself) that should and could have been soooo good (for ALL human beings) – has been so utterly corrupted and destroyed by the wanton greed and callous disregard for its sanctity, of a (comparatively small handful of selfish cunts). Take the easy way out, and hand in your notice.

Originally posted by Gay Abandon

It’s not even Apathy, but a genuine erosion of any abilty to do anything about it - its become ‘accepted’

Precisely. And exactly as intended. We become hopeless. Docile. And we simply accept our fate. As there is “nothing we can do about it”. The enemy has simply become too powerful and all pervasive for any resistance we could muster.

I think many people, when (even if) they actually wake up to what has become of our world, and effectively the concealed conditions of slavery we essentially still live under, just with the ‘illusion’ of freedom being maintained to keep us passive – simply cannot comprehend or begin to contend with the enormity of the scale of the deceptions against us – roll over, pulling their bed covers tightly around them, and try to go back to sleep, and have the best dreams they still can, under the circumstances.

Personally the way I deal with it – is to try to pick my moments wisely, to awake any that I can along the way to the reality we live in – and just try to enjoy my life, and help as many others as I can to do the same along the way. To be alive to the truth, to speak honestly and openly about the things that I know along the way, and make the best of the hand that we’ve been dealt upon our emergance into this world.

Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble on for so long – but you know how it can be once the floodgates have opened. :lou_wink_2:


i only liked the first matrix movie, the other ones was stupid

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gd effort post tho jack srs. I only hope there’s not another 3hr documentary video to watch!

i agree in principal tho that ppl who are rich enough to dabble with offshore banking, like i.e. chertsey saint, are Enemies of The People, and should probably be shot.


Lol, naaah mate. This time you just had to put up with a few minutes of my inner rage. Hopefully at least somewhat eloquently expressed, to make it a little more palatable. :lou_wink_2:

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Nooooo! OMG!!!

I am SO busted.

Can’t believe this has happened. Once the Ex Wife sees this I am dead. I’ve been secreting all those pounds saved from not paying for my Burgers into offshore funds for decades so I didn’t have to pay any taxes.

FFS is NOTHING secure anymore?

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