Palace pre-match beers plus end of season celebration

… and hopefully it will be a celebration.

Who’s in? I think we should do this properly. Fowllyd and I have booked the Monday off

Any objections to Stable before/South Western after?


No objections from me.

And Monday can kiss my Goaty arse. :lou_lol:


I can’t make the pre but will definitely make the post.


Alas… the season has all but gone… and I have not made it down from the wastelands of the North this year and will be En France next Saturdays drinking wine and eating too much duck and beef an a cycling week…

As a fully signed up member of the sub/underclass of papsweb web, known as ***t club (first rule of ***t club is dont talk about ***t club), my failure to provide ‘comedy’ value at said end of season jaunt, will not be missed, and given Fatso’s promise to play with himself for the benefit the the attendees, I will not be too dissapointed either… as I have heard he has a very small one anyway.

Next season however, when we ‘do-a-Leicester’ (title winning as opposed to flirting with relegation surely), I will once again make a promise to join you on a ‘sesh’ - be warned.

During closed season… there will be the annual ‘auction-my-name’ for Goaty’s children’s Hospital appeal thing - so please use the drunken orgy of filth and depravity to consider some interesting and intellectually stimulating monikers for yours truely.

As always, Love :lou_is_a_flirt:

(founder of C***club)


I’ll be there. Let’s hope it’s a sunny one.


Count me in for both. A Monday AM work meeting may prevent me from staying long enough to spit a pint all over Pap’s mate. Shame.


Pap’s mate should be more worried about what Fatso intends to chuck over him.

I’ll be impressed if that’s a pint.


Looking forward to this - if Liverpool and West Ham fail to win their games in hand we can clinch sixth spot with a win. Pizza, beer, football, beer, curry - this must surely be how heaven looks.


I will be there afterwards.

Working on Monday so it might not be mega-late, but then again, it might be.


It will be.

Allow time for the traditional Eastleigh threesome (plus curry afterwards)


Bletch will need a good hot curry once we’re done with him…


Well, my ol’ tan tailpipe stung last time - and we didn’t even have a curry let alone a hot one.

I knew it was a mistake to try to come between two lifelong friends.

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Guess it depends on whether we finish 6th and Fatso ‘plays the fiddle’ ? :lou_surprised:

It’s the night after a party, but when has that ever stopped me?


I’d love to meet up with you all at some point, though whilst I still have my dad around, it is all about enjoying my Saints time with him whilst we still can. He’s not a well man, and he wouldn’t be up for meeting lots of unfamiliar faces for drinks.

I don’t know how much longer we’ll have him with us for, but as his condition deteriorates, he’ll be getting to less and less games in the foreseeable future. I’m sure I’ll get to join you at some point next season though.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your celebrations my friends, and have one (a drink I mean) for me.


This’ll also be Sotonians’ first birthday!

Never been a better time to get down.


That sounded like James Brown.

When are you lazy, lightweight, unreliable bunch not bothering to show up at the Stable on Sunday? And who is bringing the myrrh?


Should be there about 12:45. I brought the myrrh last time, I think.

I should be there for 12.45 -1

Do we need to book a table? Last time I did it only three people turned up - and we drew…

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