Overwatch Beta on PS4 - spare key

having a blast on this

have early access as we pre ordered the collectors set.

been sent a spare beta key if anyone wants it , just PM me . First come first served. Unless it’s someone I don’t like

PSN chrislisatommat

The key has gone but we can still ta.k about the game :slight_smile:

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Playing this with my nipper last night and had a blast - well thought out characters and a crap load of fun. Going to take a long time to master some of the nuances. So many options to chose from and its only the Beta

So far I’m playing mainly as Widowmaker as I like snipers and the boy is great as the DJ support.

Feels very much like you are playing an uber polished next gen TF2

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Have heard mostly good things, from folk in the office who have played.

I’ve had access to the Beta for a while (perks of our new overlords), but haven’t actually played. It’s still a shooter, and I am utterly useless at shooters.

Looks fun though.

Think the open PS4 Beta is due to finish on Monday - is there a closed Beta on PS4 KRG ? ( hint hinty hint hint ?)

Had access to a closed Beta a while ago, that was for PC I think? I’ve not actually looked recently, as I’m not overly fussed about the game.

Will have a look and see what else is going on.

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Awesome weekend on this - going to miss it when its out of Beta - anyone else played it ? thoughts?