Our Top 5 Moments of the decade

Everyone is doing it, so why not

  1. 2012 Daughter getting married
  2. Smoking Cohibas in the centre circle of SMS the day we got promoted back to the EPL
  3. The moment Mrs P_F said yes ( after me being on my bad knee for what seemed hours in a horse drawn carriage by Wawel Castle)
  4. Gleneagles 2014. 14th hole. Europe have won The Ryder Cup. Everyone is moving to the next hole. A voice in the stand calls out “give us a wave Phil”. The entire stand joins in.
    Phil Mickelson waves.
    The stand shouts back. " Not you, Dubai Phil!" I wave, huge cheers. Leftie slinks off.
  5. Grandson being born, Luke. Flying over 4 weeks later, sitting on the sofa and watching Star Wars Ep3 with him

I’ll take best hangovers @saintbletch

  1. Losing a job.
  2. Getting a job.
  3. Getting transferred to the same timezone to live and work in.
  4. 1st grandaughter being born.
  5. 1st grandson being born.
  6. 2nd grandaughter and grandson being born.

1 Watching the Palio in Sienna in 2016
2 Watching Usain Bolt win the 100m in London in 2012
3 Diving on the SS Thistlegorm at night in the Red Sea
4 A week at the Calabash in Grenada in 2016
5 watching Saints at the San Siro
6 Flying in from Singapore one Saturday morning and driven straight to SMS - get taken through the front door to the boxes where my nearest and dearest are waiting to celebrate my 40th - and the game? Saints 4 - Coventry 0


Hangover - Vegas 2015

Not sure drinking Grey Goose from the bottle was the smartest thing I have ever done


Nope, it’s been a shit and boring decade for me…although I suppose I could have

  1. My 50th birthday
  2. My 20th wedding anniversary
  3. “Meeting” you lot of rascals online and in person, thanks @Bearsy for directing me to this forum and thanks @pap and @saintbletch for getting it going and thanks everyone else for participating.
  4. oh, and finally paying of my amassed debts that I accrued before my youngest was born, debt free, mortgage excepting, and financially wiser…

When you get to my age I suppose:

  1. My good Lady Slowlane and I surviving is not a bad start.
  2. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of passing my driving test on 30th September 2016.
  3. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ending of my career on 30th September 2016.
  4. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of ending my part-time employment on 30th September 2016.

A little nervous of what’s likely to happen on 30th September 2026…assuming I get that far.


Less top moments and more pivotal (personal) moments that led to transformations in my life…

Pivotal moments

  1. Discovering depression, or depression discovering me and becoming a happier person as a result
  2. Learning to say “yes” to everything, learning to not dwell and generally not giving a fuck
  3. Learning to code (again) in modern languages
  4. Making lots of new friends and renewing lots of old friendships (see 2 above)
  5. Discovering the best job in the world - working in schools helping children with challenging behaviour
  6. Discovering craft ale

Family moments

  1. Daughter battling her mental health challenges to travel the world and semi-settle down in Australia
  2. Wife discovering that she can run and run and run. Very proud of her achievements at 5k and 10k and at half marathon distance
  3. Son graduating from university and winning the Lyndon Woodward memorial prize for highest final mark (Maths) across all graduates
  4. Wrestling with losing my father and gaining perspective on what matters
  5. Getting closer to my big sister (who is an animal, BTW)

Discovering that an erection is still manageable after entering your 80th decade. Get in!


80th decade, wow, you’re still younger than @lifeintheslowlane though…


Oh yes, i’m still a young pup.

  1. My daughters not just becoming women, but getting qualified and being two of the coolest people on the planet.
  2. The EU Referendum
  3. Starting Sotonians
  4. Discovering Glastonbury.
  5. Re-acquainting with everything Southampton.

By elven standards, yes :wink:


I think I may be a bit dead inside as I cannot think of any. Or my memory is shot. Probably former.

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It’s probably because you live your entire life as a highlight…every extraordinary day seems normal.
Congratulations we all strive for a decade like that. :lou_lol:


Ok had a bit of a think.
In no particular order.

Glastonbury festival attendances (has it been 7?!)
Getting a Masters (it nearly broke me, but I got high marks in my placements which is what matters).
Becoming a social worker and just about managing all the stress.
My parents bringing Mia, Oscar, Leo and Lucy into our lives.
Moving to London (saves on all the driving to gigs we used to do!)


Death of my Mother.
England winning Cricket World Cup
Saints promoted to Premier League
The closure of The Avenue PH
Meeting Mrs Fowler


Good thread

  1. Getting back together with an ex-girlfriend after a mere 27 years - ‘we were on a break!’

  2. The boy who used to be threatened with expulsion for hacking into the school computer getting a first in Computer Science, a masters in Cyber Security - and a job!!

  3. The girl getting into Southampton Uni - meaning that the owners of bars in Bedford Place can probably plan for an early retirement

  4. SFC - considering we were League One minus ten at the start of the decade then two promotions, four top ten finishes, two European qualifications and three Wembley trips is pretty good

  5. and obviously meeting some of you. The preludes to matches are always enjoyable even if the matches sometimes aren’t