:pl:⚽ Other Midweek games 1st week Dec

This kicked of yesterday with Crystal Palace beating Bournemouth and Man City humping Burnley

Todays games

03:30 Chelsea V Aston Villa
03:30 Leicester City V Watford
03:30 Manchester United V Tottenham Hotspur
03:30 Wolverhampton Wanderers V West Ham United
04:15 Liverpool V Everton

We do require Scousehampton to beat the Toffees just so we climb out of the relegation zone after our emphatic foregone conclusion win at home against Norwich

I will talk to my self but we are out the bottom 3




Silva’s got to be going after this surely



Well as I have nothing to do whilst sitting in the middle of the South China Sea I might as well finish this thread with tomorrow mornings games.

03:30 Sheffield United V Newcastle United
04:15 Arsenal V Brighton & Hove Albion

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Bloody Geordies 1 up at the New Media Darlings.

Am hoping that Sheffield come back with 2 goals in the second half after dominating the first but falling behind.
Plus I really need to win the 50 MYR bet off the tame Geordie,


My SuperBru picks concur that would be helpful

Newcastle win 0-2 booo
Currently the Arse have 2 up the Brighton but have only received 1

Var has fucked my reporting up it was Arsenal 2-1 Brighton when I checked
went to see the full time score and its Arsenal 1-2 Brighton ?
What the fuck happened?

Arsenal had a goal ruled out by VAR then Brighton scored.

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And Brighton hold on to record their first ever victory over Arsenal in London…

Arsenal really did look poor…

time to head over to arsenal fan tv methinks :lou_lol: