⚽ Other matches - Game Week 1

A place to discuss the also rans.

United 1-0 up over Leicester


At old Trafford.

In first minute.

Completely missed United signing Grant.

Am also in a cab towards Nottingham so also missed the goal.

Going well this.

Utd look pretty sharp and I’d not realised that Shaw was in contention for left back. Good to see if getting a chance.

Leicester more than in the game.

Enjoying this.

I’d say they’re the better team by some distance. Playing like the home side.

Did Bailly foul ihenacho then?

Was about to post how poor a decision putting Shaw in my fantasy team was looking


Fuck you, @KRG. Fuck you.


He’s only gone and scored! Happy for him because Jose has been a bit of a cock to him.

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You’d miss me if I was dead

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For me Claude got it wrong with his substitions.

Ihenacho should have made way for Vardy.

2-1 Vardy.

How’s that for your Luke shaw clean sheet, @KRG?

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How did Fred do?
Did he even play?

Yeah, very impressed. I read he was known as The Conductor at Shaktar and I can see why.

He plays on the first touch a lot which means he has a great map of the pitch in his mind.

He’ll be good for them, but I also read his disciplinary record is poor and he was taken off tonight after picking up a yellow.

I get the feeling he’s going to have to get sent off a few times before he learns.

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He’s in my team, so the first half of your reply is appreciated. The rest, please lie in future :wink:


Jose is down to skin and bones innit … which Luke most definitely isn’t :hamburger:



After the game he was interviewed and they said that he set all the records in preseason fitness.

He looked quite svelte (for him).

Tottenham 1 up against the Barcodes

Vertonghen scores, guess who I subbed out of my fantasy team yesterday :lou_facepalm_2: