:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 8 2022-23


Harrison Reed scoring the 3rd gooal for Fulham, 3 goals in 5 minutes for them

Forest 2-3 Fulham FT

His first ever goal for Fulham.

City go ahead through Grealish on 55 seconds, then Haaland clinically adds a second on 16 minutes. He is lethal.

Collins getting himself sent off isn’t going to help, straight red for an awful flying tackle on Grealish.

Puts me in mind of the term, “Justifiable Homicide” :lou_lol:

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Barcodes 1-1 Cherries

Don’t know whether to be happy because the Barcodes didn’t win or to be upset that Bournemouth didn’t lose :man_shrugging:

Harsh red tbh


Ooh Aah Cantona

I knew it was a bad defeat, but the Leicester fans are going a bit overboard…