:pl: ⚽ Other games - Week 5 17th-19th October

So, 5 “box office” games, I wonder if the TV companies will start moving the “bigger” teams games to Box Office when they next decide which games to show live.

Mane scores after 3 minutes. Toffees 0 - 1 Scourers

Surely Pickford should have gone off for that challenge, regardless of whether van dijk was offside? :thinking:

Even if it was offside, why wasn’t Pickford sent off. Appreciate he could get a medal for crippling VVD.


Yeah but VVD was asking for it…he’d already committed two dastardly fouls so fair’s fair. :lou_lol:

Yeah, fuck him :smile::smile:

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1 -1 :joy::joy:

Equaliser from a Keane header… 19 minutes.

And thats the way we want it to stay for my super bru prediction

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Naa…me a Bobsy will be proved right. :grinning:

:rofl: :rofl: MacManascouser: “That was nearly brilliant” as Mane shoots 6 yards wide. :lou_facepalm_2:


Half time: 1 - 1

Surely a retrospective Red Card?

Yeah, VVD was reckless there.


I was tackled like that by a keeper. I’d pushed the ball around him and he flew into me, took me out and I fell on the ball. The ref blew up and awarded hand ball against me. :lou_facepalm_2:
I was out for a month with a Haematoma on the knee…had ultasonic treatment at The General.

Professionals they’re a bunch of wimps…I played in a cup-final 4 weeks after the injury.

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Was that back in the day when we played wearing hob nailed boots? Brylcreemed hair with a parting down the middle?


Yep…we played with a Medicine Ball too.

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Fuck Salah hits one out of the blue… 1 - 2 71 minutes.

I have been given this I was not happy the green label bottle was fine


Calvert-Lewin equalises… 2 - 2 80 minutes

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