:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 35 2022/23

The 3:00 O’clock games have kicked off.



Big Sam out!!!

Sky Commentator: “Leeds’ feel good factor lasts only 19 minutes until they are penetrated by City’s captain”. Gold.


2-0 City now

Half Times



Mo Salad gets an offside goal…1 - 0 13 mins

League one. Derby miss out on playoffs. Sad

Long VAR check no penalty to barcodes
Up other end Odegaard threads a needle 0-1

Huge mistake by de Gea from a soft shot by Benrama, Man United been on top up to that point.

Gets his hand in the ball but it dunked in to the net

West Ham 1-0 Man United

De Gea throws one in the net to make Wet Spam feel better. :lou_facepalm_2:

After the barcode result that really shakes up the UCL qualification stakes.

Says noone except Sky Sports

Stonking goal by Sam Hoskins (late of this parish) puts Northampton 1 up. They need to win to go up.


Fulham 1 up against Leicester after 10 mins

2-0 Fulham after 17 mins

3rd goal they just walked through the defence before Cairney curled it round the keeper

4-0 same scorer Reed breaks up an attack and boom break at pace rips them a new one

Barnes gets one back for Leicester 4-1.