:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 34 2022/23

Palace v Wet Spam to kick us of

36 mins gone Palace 3 -2 West Ham

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84 mins gone Palace 4 -3 West Ham

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Brighton 3-0 Wolves after 26 minutes


Opens up laptop. Sees Gross has scored 2 goals after I decided NOT to sell him in my FPL.
Heads to fridge to open a smug beer

Hey Reuben?
That’s how easy it is to score mate.
Well beck 4-0 39 minutes

It could be on here

The 6th goal is in the Snooker thread :grin::grin:


Brentford 2-1 Forest

Well be 3 points behind Forest when we win tomorrow

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You are having a laugh right?


2 local games to look forward to next season … Ipswich have just been promoted to the Champo and (of course) our long overdue pub crawl round Norwich courtesy of yours truly (the official first death of Covid)


Brecel takes the match and goes through to the final. :grin:


What a goal from Alvarez, quite stunning. Fulham 1 City 2, 37 minutes.

Spurs being spursy

…and continue to be Spursy… 3 - 0 14 mins Mo Salad pen.

Will Ryan Mason get sacked in the morning?

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Gary Neville speculated if they will refund the fans again - said they are going to have to set up a direct debit to the fans :rofl:



Do not message Son in Law.
Do not message Son in Law.
Do not
Oh fuck it

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