:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 34 2021/22

Big week for Man United this week, will Rangnick still be in charge come the end of it :slight_smile:

(And yes, @Lets-B-Drinking, I know our game is in the other games thread but I couldn’t be arsed to cut it out of the image!!)

2 minutes
1-0 arse
Both CBs do a Bambi Saka shot palmed to Tavares tap in

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Arsenal score again, ruled out for offside, penalty given anyway for a foul.

Two nil.

Note to Southgate… NOW it’s fine to put Saka in for a crucial shootout penalty. It wasn’t fine when you did it.

…and Ronaldo immediately pulls one back :smile::smile:

Nice of VAR to upgrade the Saka assist to a goal for my FPL

Fernandez makes an absolute fucking idiot of himself, doing a “Rashford” penalty. Looks like the twat he is, very very funny to see :smile::smile::smile:


I thought it was the Ali Shuffle…my age I suppose.

It was very funny though.

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Hahaha, I fucking love it when these twats do their silly little run ups to take a penalty, then miss the target. Just run up and and smash it, low and hard FFS. The fact that Bruno Fernadez is a prize cunt makes it even sweeter.


Carbon copy of this…

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McTominay trying to get his leg over in the Arse penalty area… :rofl:

Everyone asking for a pen but Xhaka slams it in the back of the net. 3 - 1

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Who approved Watford wearing their changed kit v Citeh.
I’m not colour blind but can hardly tell them apart when in shadow.
1-0 citeh could have been 3-1 already

DeBruyne cross Jesus scores 2-0

2-1 Kamara from Dennis assist
Anderson should have stopped it.
Game on

Oof. What a strike by Rodri

Long delay as VAR comms not working.
Jesus hat trick 4-1

Barcodes 0-3 up at narwitch

Now 5 - shooting fish in a barrel

So simple.
Great goal


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