:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 33 2022/23

Palace defend set pieces worse than us.
Not sure which of the defenders attempts at an own goal actually counted from a 2nd minute corner

Off topic but Real Madrid getting a pasting by Girona. 4-1 down :grin:

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Vardy equaliser for LCFC

Phew Vardy 2nd

Bamford misses a sitter

5 points from safety.
We are gone

Ah, but we have a game in hand, so it’s only two points from safety after we win that. :+1::+1::+1:


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And after Thursday night it will be 2 from safety

Edit - I meant to post this last night but obviously didn’t hit the post button, d’oh

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BT have finally woken up and ditched Peter Walton from their coverage.

But Mark Clattenburg???

GTFI. 1-0. Whats wrong with this fucking site, Belch?

Wow. What a goal that is

Yay FPL assist from Haaland!

I wonder if Arse get back in this, that their fans will tolerate any time wasting? After hearing them on Friday, I presume not.


Chelsea losing at home to Brentford. Nearly went.

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Todd Buehly.
Making Sports Republic look profysince 2022

Forest 1-1 Wolves
West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

Are you drinking?

I’m drinking for him if that helps

I am very pool league tonight

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Correction :- Forest 1-1 Brighton