:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 31 2022/23

Aston Villa currently 2 up against the Barcodes.

Finished 3-0 to Villa

Everton 1-3 Fulham
Wolves 2-0 Brentford
Tottenham 1-2 Bournemouth

Chelsea 1-2 Brighton
Tottengam 2-3 Bournemouth

We want 9?

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0-1 Arse 8 minutes

10 mins 0-2
Phew needed some fpl points

well citeh win the EPL then

We could actually decide that, if we somehow clawed a point at Arse that would pretty much do it. I don’t think City will falter against the arse at the Etihad. Obviously I’m not expecting us to notch up another point this season, but if we did it would be away at the league leaders rather than in a game that really counted.

Maguire booked on three minutes.

Wrestles a forward like a WWF fighter, then reproaches the ref bitterly for brandishing the inevitable yellow card.

Genuinely can’t understand why Ten Hag persists with him.


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Man United are going to regret not putting this game to bed. They’ve had enough chances.

OK maybe not they make it 2-0 2 minutes after me writing this.

No, @scotty meant


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Oh great.
Martin Tyler & Jim Beglin on tge USA stream of dirty leeds v dipoers

The only positive so far is i have a nice cold beer

How the fuck was that not ruled out for handball???

Dippers get away with an obvious handball for their first…Mo Salad adds a second. 0 - 2 38 minutes