:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 30 2022/23

Man Utd v Toffees to kick it off

McTominay scores for Utd

2-0 Utd

Is how it finished

Brentford 1-0 Newcastle

Brentford 0-0 Newcastle

Tottenham 1-0 Brighton

Leeds spanked 1-5 by palace
Arsenal tearing the dippers to shreds 0-2

Arsenal’s second goal was a carbon copy of Haaland’s first goal yesterday.

Amazing what can happen when you play with wingers


I’ve just put the game on, they were saying the lino elbowed that radgey jock twat Robertson in the throat at half time. What happened, did he start gobbing off at the official or something? :thinking:

Has Xaha cost arse the title? That altercation with TAA was pointless and woke the dippers up.
And Salah misses a penalty!

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Yes and that official is a big unit

Lolol :smile::smile::smile:

He touched the line line put his arm up to stop him pushing him touched a whisker on Robertsons chin

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The way they were talking, you’d assume the lino had walked up to him and decked him.

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he calls it a confetti emoji looks more like being sick emoji

After losing at Halifax on Friday to share the Conference lead with Notts County on 100 points each, Wrexham beat them today (County) 3-2 to go 3 points clear with a game in hand.
Sources deny Netflix wrote this weekend’s script


And Ben Foster (recently signed) saved a late penalty. I was watching Swaythling Athletic throw 2 points away against relegation bound Aldershot. 3-1 up at h-t. Then 3-2 and we missed an open goal comically and let a 88th min equaliser in. This after losing at Torquay on Friday.

Only saving grace was I cycled there and back in the dry and have just got to the Guide Dog before the latest downpour.