:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 21 2021/22

And another topic for people to not comment on

Let me wake up first.

Not knowing if your free hit changes got saved before FPL reset while coping with pain, deep pain

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Saka gives Arse the lead.
Did my Free hit register? Have I just earned decent points?
Do I care?
Need Brufen

You need popcorn for this game now mate :+1::+1::smile::smile:

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Crazy 5 minutes.
VAR gives Citeh pen, Ake off the pine from an outrageous of attempt by Laporte & Gabriel gets a 2nd yellow in 5 mins and sent off
1st yellow was for scoffing the penalty spot.
Earns me minus FPL pounts ffs

Shouldn’t eating the penalty spot be a straight red?


Terrific citeh move, ending with a hopeless effort from Sterling.

In our house, that’s a euphemism. :smiling_imp:


Bernando Silva throws himself to the floor after a mild knee knock and minor shirt pull to ‘win’ a penalty.

It’s the sort of behaviour that has destroyed the soul of the game we all love and VAR is complicit in this travesty.

I deplore the cheating that have ruined football…

… except when it gets you an assist in FF.

Definite penalty, given by an excellent VAR intervention.


I know it’s a bit early in the year for this but I’d like to nominate @Polski_Filip the “Autocorrect Nonsense Of The Year” award. :rofl:


I’ve been increasingly annoyed by Thompson bleating about how VAR shouldn’t have got involved, because the ref’s first reaction was no penalty. What does he think it’s for, then? And it was a penalty. They were complaining he was already on his way down before his shirt was pulled, but he was on his way down because Xhaka stuck his leg across him. If the shirt pull didn’t help, why did Xhaka bother?


oof! late winner for citeh

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Late Superbru points!


Holding on for a point with 10 men is only for the elite

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That’s exactly how I saw it…right down to Thompson’s nonsensical rant about VAR. Now the Arse fans are all feeling butt hurt over a correct decision and the twattish actions of Gabriel who gave the ref no choice. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

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How stupid is Gabriel?