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It’s Premier League time
Jack Cork & Nathan Redmond on the bench for Burnley

But is it week 1 or 2? any ideas @BTripz

Haaland scores

2 minutes

Tap in…easy.

They all count towards my beer tokens :smile: :smile:

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He’s useless outside the box.

Thats what his girlfriend said

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As its the money league we don’t really care. Week 2 for the meer mortals.

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Haarland makes it two…still inside the box though.

Loved the whump noise when he hit it.

11% of FPL managers atm

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Game over

Arse 2 up against Forest

Nice debut start for Tonali at tge barcodes 1-0 early doors

Mousa Diaby
Also on debut
1-1 10 minutes

15 m
Isaak after VAR
Bonkers football

Newcastle 5 -1 Aston Villa

Anyone else going to watch the German Supercup? Kane on the bench, he could quite easily win his first trophy the day after leaving Spurs. Having gone 19 years there without one :smile::smile::smile:



Gotta feel for our ex Athletic reporter Jacob Tanswell, we get relegated he gets shifted to Villa and has to move to Brum.
He’s spent pre-season igging them up, what their rebuild and signings will change and how they are in the mix.

Then, 1st game, he gets a typical Saints level performance and egg on his face

Not to mention the mess Mings & Martinez made of my FPL opening week


RBL winning 1-0

Kane could be the end of Bayern’s dominance of the Bundesligue :rofl: :rofl: