:pl:⚽ Other Games - Week 13 2022/23

Having dragged ourselves off death beds Son in need of Medevac watching the dippers getting torn apart by Forest


Lingard isn’t exactly justifying his ludicrous price tag and idiotic wages, is he. One of those players who clicked at one club and should really have gone there on a permanent.

Why are Forest holding such a high line against free kicks? They look really vulnerable every time.


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Dippers are beaten, their season fucked by the bottom club. Well done Forest you’ve done yourself and everyone else in the Premier League a massive favour.


Forest could leapfrog us if they win their next game and we lose :flushed::open_mouth:

Mind you so could all of the six clubs below us…


Everton 1 up against Palace
City 1 up against Brighton, that man Haaland again, Edersen with the assist.

Lcd has scored for Everton against Palace

City get awarded a VAR penalty about 2 minutes after the foul as the ball hadn’t gone out of play…

And Haaland steps up to take it, and scores a rocket

2-0 City

Ohhhh, City 2-1 Brighton

A screamer from Trossard that beats Edersen at the near post, one he really should have saved.

3 - 1…panic over.


Last minute winner for Millwall brings in my acca for £190 :lou_sunglasses:


a productive evening


I was very close to that with 2 of mine :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Chelsea 0-0 man utd @ half time

That’ll all change now that Fred is on. :unamused::smile::smile:

He really is utter shite.

Ref gives Fernandez a foul on Fernandez’s say so.

I wondered initially why both captains are wearing rainbow armbands. Then I realised it’s because Potter used to manage Brighton, what a thoughtful gesture :+1::+1:

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McTominay hauls down Broja off the ball for a penalty. He’s becoming a real liability.

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McTominay…what a plank. Grabs Broja in the box…easy pen decision…

and… Chelsea score 86 minutes.

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Always painful, that :confounded::confounded::grin:

Broja still looks thrilled to be at Chelsea, always a smile on his face…:unamused:

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