:pl: ⚽ Other games - Week 11 2021/22

What you don’t wanna do now is give an early own goal away against Citeh

Yeah a heartwarming incident. BTW are the playing with a multi-coloured beachball?

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Against the run of play Ronaldo almost scores…but doesn’t :laughing:

Tbf manure have woken up a bit

De gea earning his corn

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Does Man U have a midfield these days?

0:2 rofl

Hoho De Gea flaps De Gea concedes. 0 - 2.


Saintsesque levels of defending there

Starts an “other games” thread, forgets the fixture list…

Beautiful pass from Fred, threaded through perfectly to Foden. Eye of a needle stuff. :unamused::smile:
How does he get away with it? Has he got some embarrassing pics of the Glasers or something??

OGS must have given up on this game, Van De Beek now on for a bit of game time in a match that’s already lost.

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Citeh are very easy in the eye, but have taken a leaf out of Saint’s book and should be over 5 up.


They’re making utd look very ordinary, such a gulf between the clubs now. Citeh don’t seem to have put much into it, just cantering through the game with plenty in reserve.

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How the hell was that not a penalty,?

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And that should have been red. We’re clearly operating under a rule that Ronaldo cannot be sent off.

Only 4mins Fergie time? Was expecting double. Maybe ref shortened it to put manure out of their misery

Ohh, Norwich City 1-0 up against Brentford…

Brentford 0-2 Norwich
Chelsea 1-0 Burnley

Whoa the Brentford promotion effect has worn off early.

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1-2 now, and they’ve had one narrowly ruled out by var.