:pl: ⚽ Other Games - Week 10 - 27th-30th Nov

Palace Newcastle is truly awful. We really have moved up into a higher plane.


How many ex-Bompey players play for Newcastle?

And an ex-Bompey player scores for the Toon in the 87th minute, probably the best bit of play the whole match long

Palace 0 - 1 Newcastle (Wilson 87)

and the Joelinton makes it 2 a couple of minutes later, with a lucky deflection

Palace 0 - 2 Newcastle (Joelinton 89)

Oh dear


Epic fail!
Well done everyone!


The taters trotted out a fairly amazing stat at half time. Of the last 16 games without Zaha available, Palace had lost 14 of them. So, this makes 15 from 17.

And they were dire tonight.


So you are saying they are a 1 man team?

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Yes yes he is


I’m saying that’s what the commentators implied. I couldn’t possibly comment. :grin::grin:

Strange that Nivea Boy is only on the bench today. Is that so he can sit in the stands and hold hands with Hendo, who is also a sub?

Just watching Football Focus on BBC 1 and Lawrenson doesn’t look well, he’s got a bloodshot right eye! Has something happened to him recently?

20 mins in and Brighton win a penalty, clear cut, Maupay misses the spot kick…

0-0 Brighton

Edit: corrected because I’m a twat

Are you blind?

Hahaha…penalty to Brighton which is given to Maupay having put an earlier good chance wide misses the penalty too.

Don’t listen to Bobsy…it’s still 0 - 0

Yes I was distracted, the cheering i thought it went in…

He missed it and now gone off injured, so might miss game against us.

Cheering or laughing? It was a shocker.


Good thing for Brighton, Maupay going off…it’s not too much of a stretch to say anyone else with those two chances Brighton would have been 2 - 0 up.

It was Connolly, Wayne Rooney impersonator, who missed the earlier sitter.

I suppose, at your age, it’s an acceptable mistake. But Blind Bob’s? :crazy_face: