Other Games w/e 21st/22nd Dec

Terrible game at Goodison. 0-0 with 5 mins to go. Arsenal are awful.

It was truly awful wasn’t it

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Ancelloti and Arteta must have been watching that absolute shite from the directors box thinking, “what the fuck have i done”. Still, i suppose 11 mill a year will dull the pain i’m sure.


Arteta must know exactly what he’s walking into.
I think he’s the right person for the job.
Everything they are missing is what he was as a player(plus a defence).
If their fickle fans give him time(rather than rope), i’d say it’s a good choice.
Just look at my predictions on the(sorry, can’t remember the name) results thread to see the consistency of my predictions. I regularly win the wooden spoon(whatever that means) so my consistency is proven.

Ancelloti, gone by Christmas, but still pocket’s the lot.
He’s a smart manager :joy:

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