Other Games w/e 11/12th Feb

Hoping Arsenal lose at home to Hull just so I can have my weekly laugh at Arsenal fans losing their shit on youtube.

They are ahead but the goal was as if Sachez was re enacting Maradona’s hand of god.

Oh controversial, Arsenal have been banging on the door for ages and then Sanchez puts the ball in the net after a goal mouth scramble.

Replays show that the ball richocheted off the keeper and onto Sanchez’s arm before it went into the onion bag. Not deliberate handball so the goal stands!!

1-0 Arsenal

Good news for us. The more of the relegation places that are taken, the less the relegation brigade have to bleat on about.

London rules again…ball bounces of Sanchez’s arm…GOAL!..ball bounces off defender’s arm…PENALTY!..you bet. :lou_lol:

Already had that, it did (Hull defenders arm when he was on the floor) and it wasn’t given.

Hmm, Kieran Gibbs could and probably should have had a red there instead of the yellow he got.


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Penalty to Arsenal after ball bounces onto a hull arm looks like London & big team Rules :lou_lol:

Sanchez penalty wraps it up for Gooners.

So Mark Clattenburg has now come out and said he watched a rerun of Sanchez’s first goal at half time and has apologised, post match, to Hull for his mistake *


To the dinosaur football authorities … time to use some of the technology we’re blessed with nowadays

*according to Jeff Stelling

Burnley just scored direct from a free-kick to level against Chelsea :-

Swansea v Leicester

A draw would probably be best for us I reckon. Round off a nice weekend of fixtures.

I’m watching the Swansea game. It’s fucking awful.

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Christian Fuchs looks like a film star.

Leicester haven’t scored a premier league goal for nine hours… Jesus.

Nathan Dyer went off after 5 mins. He injured himself by putting his foot on the ground. He looked like he was in serious pain. So they made him walk off, which took about 5 mins and was the best bit of the game so far.


Fer doing his best to avenge VVD there. :facepunch:t2:

Yep…25 minutes gone and Vardy is uninjured…still we live in hopes.

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Too busy fucking attractive centre backs.

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