:pl::efl: Other Games w/c 18th August 2023

Good start from Liverpool :smiley:

Scousers are goin’ DAAAAAHN this season. :rofl: :rofl:

Wrexham finding life in the league tricky so far. Don’t tell @Polski_Filip :shushing_face:

Oh really

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Meanwhile Wolves…


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Any team that ships 4 or more goals at home just to spawn an injury time equaliser is likely to struggle in their division this season.

cough :grimacing:


Well, obviously.
They’ll be scoring 6 once Mullins returns

JWP starts.
Caicedo on bench for Chelsea. Lavia not in squad at all

4 minutes
Corner JWP nearly bundled in. Way more dangerous than any he took for us…:roll_eyes:

6 mins
2nd corner
Wet Spam 1-0

I wonder if we can get Lavia on a season long loan.


Would be nice.
Good of wet spam to make JWP feel at home by playing the whole game in 2 lines on tge edge of tgeir own box …

Caicedo having a nightmate debut
Gives away penalty 3-1 wet spam with 10 men

JWP 2 assists on debut


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Nicked from BBC comments:

To recap, a £105m player misses a penalty for Chelsea, while a £115m player concedes one.

While a £30m player sets up two goals.


Let’s hope they give him an extra game for frivolous appeal.

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How do they think that the McAllister decision wasn’t a red card, his foot was high and studs up FFS!!